Give a little more with Gift Aid!

You can make your donations go even further when you sign up for charity Gift Aid – 25% further actually! Your donations mean the world to us and all the people we help, so what would you say if we told you that we could turn every £1 you donate into a £1.25?! When you donate using charity Gift Aid, Quba Trust can claim an extra 25% from the UK Government - at no extra cost to you.

Gift Aid - It Only Takes One Tick!

Why is Gift Aid Great for us?

At Quba Trust, our motto is small change, BIG difference - so no matter how little your charity Gift Aid contribution might seem, it really will make your donation go even further today!

Claiming Gift Aid helps to support the important work we do as an international charity, and allows us to do that much more for people in need. Charity Gift Aid claims go towards covering the necessary administration costs of running our lifesaving projects. When you donate with charity Gift Aid, you’ll be ensuring that your donations have the maximum impact for our brothers and sisters across the globe.

Say YES to Gift Aid donations and let’s do more together!