Global Hand Washing Day

This Global Hand Washing Day, Quba Trust has gone one step ahead in caring for those in need once again!
Poverty truly is enslaving, and not only to the extent of material needs- but the unprivileged; the Needy possess such demanding and challenging lifestyles that their entire days are spent in the effort to make ends meet, to simply survive one day at a time. Such challenging circumstances leave them behind with very little to no time at all to focus on or worry about things that are important for their own well-being. We, at Quba Trust understand the pain and hardship that these individuals undergo and how it impacts the lives of not only themselves but also of their families and specially their off-springs, their children that are neglected during this process.

So our teams, after analyzing the absolute need for this programme to be conducted in the rural areas, conducted it, in which the people and especially the children living in the rural communities were not only verbally enlightened about the importance of hand-washing but also demonstrated on how to properly wash hands according to WHO, step by step.

In addition to that, Quba Trust installed additional water hand pumps in those areas where they are most needed, so that the people may also have the water to wash their hands with, in order to protect themselves from the viruses and bacteria that exist around them due to harsh living conditions. As the Quba Trust’s main concern is to try and protect and help the suffering brothers and sisters of our Ummah, we shall continue to conduct more such programs and thrive to help as many people as we can, in order to reach and help them while we still have time to! The Quba Trust team thanks you, our dear donors for helping us be able to help others today. Keep on donating to us and keep on saving lives.