Quba Trust, A Charity Organization Helping Poor Community.

Quba Trust is a non-profit organisation working mainly in the UK and abroad to strengthen humanity in the face of poverty, social injustice, and natural disaster. Through the provision of immediate relief and the establishment of self-sustaining development programs, we aim to invest in real and effective solutions. Our mission is to provide all possible help to the ailing Muslim Nations in the form of food and water. We are also striving towards the goal of enhancing their lifestyle eventually and gradually through the provision of better educational facilities.

How we’re making a difference

The only 11p of every £1 goes on admin

We’re proud of our admin fee. In fact, we like to think of it as less of an admin fee, and more of a stamp on the envelope of your donation. Our admin fee is not about taking part in your donation for ourselves; it’s about ensuring that expert hands safely deliver your donation to where you intended. When you donate £1, only 11p goes into keeping Quba Trust running.
Another 6p go back into raising funds – that allows us to be ready to raise awareness at a moment’s notice when tragedy strikes. Finally, and most importantly, 83p out of every £1 you donate, goes straight to helping the vulnerable people who need it most.
Without an admin fee, corners are cut and it’s those who are most in need of help who pay the price. Our admin fee keeps us accountable, safe, and ethical, and it allows us to find the most vulnerable people in an emergency, delivering life-saving aid to them quickly and efficiently. We’re proud of the wonderful work that our admin fee does, and we hope you are too. Explore some of the ways it changes lives below, and donate to support the life-changing impact that our admin fee has.
Did you know that our admin fee is a Sadaqah Jariyah?
Sadaqah Jariyah – or ongoing charity – is a voluntary donation that benefits the community for years to come. Our admin fee qualifies as Sadaqah Jariyah because it helps to sustain our charitable work, guaranteeing that we can continue to help vulnerable people in the future.

“An admin fee that is a proven necessity for processing charity is included under the general procedure of Sadaqah Jariyah because without it the charity wouldn’t be a sustainable model.’’

Our admin fee helps us to train staff, communicate and stay transparent
Dr. Hafsa Khan is Quba Trust’s Pakistan Slum School officer/partner. Our admin fee helps her to report on the situation that unprivileged Slum children face, and to share the impact of your donations, ensuring that we remain transparent and.
It also helps us to provide dedicated education plans, training, and, when necessary, safety kits, etc so that we can firstly provide Dr. Hafsa with adequate resources to provide education services for the Needy Slum children and also protect her when she’s working in the dangerous situations for her health and well-being, during these dangerous times of viruses and diseases.
Here’s what Dr. Hafsa had to say:

Meet Dr. Hafsa.

She helps children in slum areas, risking her own life every day.

‘’I want to convey my message to the people that are listening to my word; pay importance to the people of slum areas, they are like us, they can think like us, they can act like us, they can work like us, they are nothing lesser than the rest of us. In order to earn, in order to live, they have to attain an education, they have no other choice or opportunity and we are responsible for this since we haven’t provided them with any other opportunity. When…here, I can see that the women are working and the men aren’t. The men don’t work because their women and children do it for them. Most of the men here are addicts, we can’t hold the child responsible for anything that happens in their lives.

So I try to protect these children from such an environment through providing them with education at the slum school. When they attend school, they get to involve themselves in creative activities. They don’t only come during school timings, they and we sometimes come during the evening too, and we engage them in productive and educational activities that benefit them in the present and for the future too. It’s also my job to train and support colleagues and volunteers, ensuring efficient and transparent communication, while protecting the dignity, privacy and safety of those I try to help.’’
Without our admin fee, we’d be unable to support Dr Hafsa financially to report how your donations have changed lives, to keep an accountable, rigorous record of how many people we’ve supported, or to help keep Dr Hafsa safe while she visits the slum areas and also help her help the slum people.

How does our admin fee save lives?
From the moment we receive your donation, our admin fee kicks into action by helping to save lives. It helps our staff to submit expert proposals, and allows us to implement life-saving projects not only personally but also those funded by organizations. It’s what protects our staff from harm and allows our work to change lives whilst being transparent, accountable to you, and in line with legal, institutional and Islamic regulations.
In short, our admin fee is what makes us a world-class charity that can continue to change lives for the better.

Changing lives with our gift aid

Thousands of people helped over the last 4 years

Several orphans sponsored in different countries

Innumerable helped through food security projects in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh since 2016

Thousands helped through healthcare and medical aid in Palestine, Syria, and Yemen since 2017

Hundreds helped with sustainable livelihood projects in Pakistan since 2017

Thousands of people helped through clean water projects worldwide since 2017

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our gift aid/admin fee, and that you’re proud of the punch that it packs. Please support our work. Donate to our admin fee and reap the blessings of this Sadaqah Jariyah for many years to come.
Keep on donating, keep on saving lives.

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