Donating used clothes & shoes is easy and helps others lead better lives, as homelessness is prevalent in the societies to a large extent, tragically, homelessness and poverty come with issues such as lack of clean or proper clothing for those suffering with them. With Winter just around the corner, this issue has become of larger concern as the poor not only have to face the cold this year, but there are fatal diseases out in the open as well. So it is a matter of precious lives. At the same time, you avoid waste and greenhouse gases through sensible reuse. This makes it more environmentally friendly and socially responsible when you donate your used clothes and shoes to charity.
As a non-profit organization, Quba Trust collects, sorts, and distributes used clothing and shoes for good causes.

The proceeds from the clothes sales and collections go to those in need and to our social projects. We only take well-preserved and appropriate/proper clothes and shoes (in pairs), linen, baby clothes, soft toys, scarves, hats, curtains, bath towels, bed linen and tablecloths.
All must be clean and well packed.

We also accept used computers,old cell phones / smartphones, tablets and laptops for the Needy adults or children who cannot afford such devices and to whom, such devices could help earn bread. As far s clothing is concerned, we do not accept old, heavily soiled, damaged clothes and laundry, worn-out shoes, single shoes and everything that basically belongs in the trash. Send your well-packaged donation in kind in a box to our address.


You can participate and collect as individuals, families, parishes, business people, schools, daycare centers or other institutions. Together we are strong.
Let’s do good with used clothes and shoes. Let us know if you would like to act as a collection point yourself. If you simply want to donate money, we are very grateful for this too. The world needs your generosity.