The coronavirus pandemic started at the beginning of the year 2020 and has been putting millions of the world’s people in extreme danger and has even been taking lives ever since then. Some countries have suffered due to it more than others. For instance, since the people in Yemen already did not have access to clean water and they can’t afford antibacterial soaps, etc to keep themselves protected from the Corona Virus or other viruses and the living conditions are so dangerous and life-threatening that most of the streets are flooded with sewage water, the country has been badly affected by this yet another issue. This is why the Quba Trust has introduced and is delivering products such as the Hygiene Kit/Covid-19 Kit which is essential for the protection and survival against such viruses in the countries that are most in need of it. With only £15, you can save such vulnerable lives. The Hygiene Kit contains essentials such as


Face Masks

Sterilizing Spray

Dettol Bottle

Handwash Soap

Guidance Leaflet etc.

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