Education is a basic human right yet sadly, more children in Asia are deprived of their right to attain it than one would think. We all know that illiteracy leads to an enslaved life. If our youth will not be educated and aware enough to know their rights and duties and to what extents those are their duties, they will be prone to fail tragically in multiple spheres of life. It is with this consideration and concern that the Quba Trust strives with in order to provide education facilities to the unprivileged children living in under-developed and impoverished areas of countries such as Pakistan.

The Quba Trust Islamic Education Centre, Haripur Hazara is another one of our Education projects through which we aim to educate and shape the young minds of the girls living in Haripur and are deprived of the right to education, up till higher education level. The Quba Trust Islamic Education Centre’s building has been constructed and signboards have been set up, the local people have been keenly anticipating the execution of the Hazara Education Centre Education Project.
Your donations could help such deprived children attain education and live independent lives. Quba Trust enables you to do so by donating the essentials needed for the proper functioning of the school such as Chairs, Desks, Textbooks and other such needs, starting from as little as £22.

School Chairs

Donate a durable Wooden School Chair to the Quba Trust Education Centre for £22 each and provide the needy children with the comfort of proper seating rather than uncomfortable floor straw mats and help gaining an education easier for them.

School Desks

Donate a heavy-duty table for only £70 so that the unprivileged children can have a proper setup for studying.

School Textbooks

Donate School Textbooks for the children at the Quba Trust Education Centre for just £22 each published by some of the most renowned authors and publishers etc