You can make your donations go even further when you sign up for Gif Aid – 25% further actually!
Your donations mean the world to us and all the people we help, so what would you say if we told you that we could turn every £1 you donate into £1.25?!
When you donate using Gift Aid. Qubatrust can claim an extra 25% from the UK Government – at no extra cost to you. Your donations are worth more with Gift Aid, so let’s get started!

What is Gift Aid?
Gift Aid is an amazing way to feel the full effects of your generosity – and it’s FREE!
We all love those extra little surprises in life, like that extra hour in bed when the clocks go back, finding a fiver you forgot about in the pocket of your jeans or enjoying a bonus helping of fries from the chippy. So why shouldn’t we enjoy the same with our charity? Give a little extra with Gift Aid, and you can help even more people in this world feel a little more joy.
Gift Aid is a UK Government scheme that allows registered charities to claim tax back on donations made by a UK taxpayer – and it won’t cost you an extra penny. You can increase the amount of your donation by an extra 25% courtesy of HMRC, and all you need to do to make that happen is make a Gift Aid declaration with us.