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Girls Education


Quba Trust, a UK registered charity is working to provide education facilities for girls living in Haripur, Hazara, Pakistan, keeping in mind the situation that prevails there, which leads to the alarmingly low percentage of female literacy, especially as compared to the male literacy rate.

Sadly, it is observed that in several areas of Pakistan gaining an education is not paid due importance and is even treated as one of the last priorities in some other areas, especially for girls. There are several factors that lead to this phenomenon. Such as social and cultural reasons like lack of educational facilities for girls, poverty, and child labor.

Unfortunately, some people have not been taught the importance of education in a female’s life, which leads to them being less concerned about their daughters or sisters. It is the prevalence of such mindsets in some societies that have led to the sad reality of lowered/barely existent rate of educational institutes/facilities for females and consequently; it has led to several social evils such as women being treated as the weaker gender in spheres of life such as marriage. This social evil is not to be taken lightly as it is an entire world of extreme injustice and cruelty concealed behind the two words “Gender Inequality.”

Gaining an education is everybody’s basic right, regardless of gender. The importance of education has been laid emphasis on multiple times in Islam. The intensity of this is observed in the Sunnah Of The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him);

“Whosoever follows a path to seek knowledge therein, Allah (S.W.T) Will Make easy for him a path to paradise. Education is not only the right but the duty of every Muslim, male or female. The best gift from a father to his child is education and upbringing.”

So when we rob somebody of their basic right as part of the human society, and more importantly Islamic Society, it is a form of imprisonment. Therefore, Quba Trust strives to play a part as Muslim Ummah and help those imprisoned and kept from attaining their basic right of life; Education.

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