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Health Care

Quba Trust has been working to provide healthcare facilities all over the World.

Quba Trust being a charity organization registered in UK is not only working to reduce hunger and poverty, but is striving to provide healthcare facilities to those ailing all over the World too.


Ever since Quba Trust has been established in 2014, it has provided healthcare facilities to those in need in several Countries of the Muslim World. Some of Quba Trust’s Healthcare projects in the past few years have been such as The Wheelchair project, that has been conducted in Pakistan so far. In this project, The Quba Trust team distributed large number of wheelchairs to the disabled so that their challenging lives could be made a little easier, that were arranged on donations made by our invaluable donors.


Not only that, but one of Quba Trust’s main aims is to save lives through provision of medical facilities in countries such as Yemen too, where innumerable lives are lost each day due to lack of adequate healthcare facilities. Keeping that in view, Quba Trust launched the Hygiene Kit Project in which we have been providing the people of Yemen that are so severely deprived of clean water that they are unable to cleanse themselves in order to protect themselves from fatal viruses with hygiene kits that consist of the basic necessities of survival under such difficult circumstances.


Keeping in view all such healthcare projects that have been and are being carried out by Quba Trust currently, one can simply tell that the main concern and objective of Quba Trust is to save as many human lives as possible, through provision of direct supplies such as food and water, as well as indirect supplies/means of livelihood such as sewing machines for widowed women that are unable to provide food for their children, so that not only a single life is saved and that too, only once, but of the whole of families can be saved in the long run. Similarly, by providing the disabled with healthcare facilities such as wheelchairs, Quba Trust aims to help the whole of families that make up the total population survive, since where there is will, there is life, and Will can be strongly impacted by the tragic existence of disability, especially when it coincides with poverty.


Apart from that, one of Quba Trust’s most recent healthcare project is the Covid-19 project, in which face masks are being distributed among those that don’t afford them in countries such as Pakistan so that their daily-lives that mainly revolve around earning bread for themselves and their families may not be disrupted. Not only that, but streets are being sprayed with antibacterial solution as well.


By donating to Quba Trust, our dear donors play part in saving the whole populations, not just single individuals.

You can make a difference today by donating to Quba Trust.


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