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With Quba Trust, you can provide healthcare facilities to those that are in need of them. Through The Quba Trust Wheelchair Project, over a 100 people have been helped so far. Apart from that, Quba Trust makes maximum effort to provide help to the health sectors. Your donations to the Quba Trust Health Projects can make someone’s life a lot easier or they can help save lives.
Where there is health, there will be life. Yet, sadly a large part of the population of all countries of the world is diseased and disabled. These are painful phenomena of life and when they coincide with poverty, they become even more tragic. There isn’t much we can do about the suffering itself of such people, but we can definitely help make their lives a little easier. Quba Trust provides the disabled and diseased with quality healthcare equipment as well as medicine/treatment arranged on behalf of its invaluable donors directly. Help us make the world a better place to live in for all of us.
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