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Honour The Elderly


Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

SPONSOR THE ELDERLY WITH QUBA TRUST For just £14 a month, you can help to improve an elderly person’s life and give them hope for whatever future remains for them. Your donation will go towards providing nourishment, accommodation, travel expenses, pocket expenses, health services and even social activities. Let’s work together and honour the dignity of our elders today; we needed them in years gone by in order to get where we are today, so let’s look after them in their years ahead. Donate today.

As little as £14 a month enables us to provide healthcare, food, shelter, or home maintenance to an elderly person.

Today, there are millions of neglected and vulnerable senior citizens in developing countries facing isolation and poverty alone. Many of these people have little or no access to even the most basic of essentials, such as warm clothing or shelter, food, or nourishment. With life expectancy set to increase, the World Health Organisation estimates that a staggering 200 million senior citizens are struggling in developing countries today. Current world poverty statistics are only set to triple by 2050 so we need to take preventative action now.

At Quba Trust, we believe in respecting and cherishing our elders – who are the real reason why we are where we are today. With our Elderly Sponsorship Program, you too can join us in our bid to change statistics and deliver the aid and support that our elders need. Not forgetting, age often comes with a manner of health problems, too, and sufficient medical attention is of the utmost importance in many cases.

So many of our elders dedicate their entire lives to bringing up, raising, and supporting their children – ultimately, being the backbone of their family. Now that they have reached a stage in life where they should be entitled to sit back and relax with their dignity intact, it is unfair that they should be left to silently fend for themselves in such a helpless position. Donate to help make their lives in old-age easier.

As little as £14 a month enables us to provide healthcare, food, shelter, or home maintenance to an elderly person.