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Hunger: More people including children and adults both, all over the world die of starvation every day than one would think. Quba Trust aims to change that by providing food in food-deprived countries such as Yemen, Syria, and Pakistan

Hunger is a world issue and it doesn’t go far from the issue of Poverty; the rate of which is alarmingly high all over the world. These are two painful phenomena, not only for the direct sufferers but also for the rest of us, mostly those of us who are unable to do anything in response to the suffering of such needy, in order to help lessen the level of their ordeal. But Quba Trust strives to enable you to help the Needy; deprived of food directly in countries all over the world such as Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, etc by delivering Food Packs starting from as little as £1, Daigs of different sizes starting from as little as £90, Ration Boxes containing quality food that lasts for long periods of time and is sufficient for an entire family that consists of approximately 4-6 people.
Moreover, The Quba Trust operating team makes sure that an adequate quantity of clean drinking water is provided/delivered along with the food, regardless of which selection of food parcels you make.

The Quba Trust £1 Food Packs usually contain a single serving meal sufficient for a single individual along with a snack and water/drink whereas the bigger sized food boxes/parcels contain basic raw materials in adequate quantities along with water supply enough to last a month.

The Quba Trust Food Daigs vary in sizes. The small Daig which provides quality food to 25-30 people at once. Usually, they are distributed among the people living in impoverished rural/urban areas and the food that those daigs contain is usually a nutritious dish containing all essential ingredients in proper proportions such as meat and rice.

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