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Iraq Emergency

Iraq Emergency

Around 10 million people in Iraq are now in need of humanitarian assistance. More than 3 million people have been forced to flee from their homes and are living in camps or among host communities.
Our Iraqi brothers and sisters are constantly battling to survive. Since October 2016 only, 100,000 people have fled conflict in Mosul with many more expected to follow in response to which the Quba Trust has launched the Iraq Emergency Appeal. Our teams on the ground aim to distribute food and essential hygiene items to the displaced people in camps. We are also supplying emergency shelter, both inside and outside camps, as well as providing counselling and other support for people who have suffered violence and abuse of any sort.

Food Parcels

each family


Hygiene Kits



Winter Supplies

6 – 14 People


Food Parcels and Hygiene Kits

In northern Iraq we aim to reach thousands of people who have fled the recent violence in Mosul, with food parcels and essential hygiene kits, keeping in view the immediate rescue/survival of the suffering IraqisThe Quba Trust Iraq Food Parcels cost the same as the rest of our food parcels cost, depending on the sizes, prices begin from as little as £25 for Food Parcels that contain raw food materials such as Flour, Sugar, Rice and Water etc sufficient for a family consisting of 4-5 people for a month’s time period approximately.
Whereas the Quba Trust Iraq Hygiene Kit which costs £10 contains life saving necessities such as Face Masks and Dettol bottles etc.
Donate to The Quba Trust Emergency Iraq Appeal now

Winter Supplies

Over the coming months of the Winter season The Quba Trust aims to provide winter supplies such as mattresses and blankets in northern Iraq to help vulnerable people who have been forced to flee from their homes to survive outside in the cold. With only £75 or lesser, provide blankets for a family of 6-14 people this approaching Winter and help our Iraqi brothers and sisters protect themselves against the cold.

Why your donations are needed

Following decades of conflict and instability, Iraq is now at the centre of a humanitarian crisis. The northern Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) is already home to 250,000 refugees who have fled conflict in neighbouring Syria, and 750,000 Iraqi citizens displaced by fighting are living in camps or amongst host communities. Since October’s upsurge in Mosul (a city with a population of up to 1.7 million) more than 100,000 people have fled, with fears that hundreds of thousands more could follow. While displaced Iraqi people and Syrian refugees seek safety, host communities are struggling after years of recession and increasing poverty.
At a glance…
  • 10 million people in Iraq are in need of humanitarian assistance.
  • 3 million Iraqi citizens have fled their homes and are now displaced within their own country.
  • 250,000 refugees have fled fighting in neighbouring Syria and are now displaced within Iraq.
Quba Trust is calling for urgent support for its emergency response to the escalating crisis in Iraq. Please donate to support our work today.