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Lebanon Crisis

A sudden catastrophic bomb blast in Beirut, Lebanon has claimed over 100 lives and thousands have been reported to be injured. It is one of the most devastating incidents in the history of the country which has not seen peace for the past countless years, and especially it coinciding with the Corona Virus pandemic has made the current situation extraordinarily tragic and difficult as those that have been made homeless have no properly protected places to resort to.
It is demand of the basic humanitarian spirit to help those injured and suffering currently to the maximum possible extents, which is the main objective of the Quba Trust Lebanon Appeal. Your donations are needed now more than ever. Donate today and help those most vulnerable and in need get the assistance they need.

Food Packs

for Two Families for Each month


Sponsor an Orphaned child

for Each Year


Emergency mobile hospital



Food Packs

Since the tragic incident of the explosions has occurred in Beirut, Lebanon it has not only injured and claimed lives of countless people but also deprived such others of the basic needs of life such as food, clean drinking water and shelter. Hospitals, already stretched to capacity by the virus emergency, were overwhelmed. The government appealed to other countries for emergency aid as concerns mounted over food supply in the import-dependent nation. Wheat silos at the port were damaged, and their contents equal to about six weeks of the country’s needs were rendered unfit for consumption. He assured Lebanese there would be no flour or bread crisis. In such dire conditions it is our moral obligation and responsibility to extend whatever help we can. With that spirit; The Quba Trust team is working to provide nutritious food to those that are starving in the affected areas. Each £25 Quba Trust food parcel contains:
Bread 100g , 900g Rice, 900g Sugar, Lentils 900g, Water10L, Tomato Sauce 320g, Tuna 180g, Salt 900g, Sardines 180g, Hummus 900g, Beans 900g, Cooking Cheese 100g, Oil 1.8L, Tea 400g, Spaghetti 500g, Noodles 500g, Mortadela 400g and Cheese 400g.
Donate to provide food; the basic necessity of life to the suffering population of Beirut today.

Affected Children

More children have been orphaned and rendered homeless due to the explosions in Lebanon than one could fathom. They are not only suffering in hands of strangers or on the roads without proper shelter, but they are also starving to death. We are concerned that children among the casualties are aware that those who survived are traumatized and in shock and are in need of our help in all spheres. Keeping that in view, The Quba Trust is striving to provide all life-providing means such as shelter and food to such children so that their mental as well as physical states can be revived to a certain extent. For only £300, Quba Trust enables you to be able to sponsor such a child and make his/her life easier in such dire conditions. Now is the time to donate, every minute counts

Emergency Mobile Hospital

Tragically, a large amount of people in Lebanon are injured and have no proper medical facilities available since all hospitals are already occupied with the Corona virus emergency, which is causing precious lives to be lost every minute. The Quba Trust team considers it their primary objective/responsibility to put in maximum effort to save as many affected citizens of Beirut as possible. With only £300, Quba Trust helps you be able to directly save such ailing people by sending a properly equipped Emergency Mobile Hospital that contains all essential equipment for immediate medical assistance/attention to such people in a specifically chosen affected area. Every minute lives are being lost. You can make a difference today.