Homelessness is prevalent in the Pakistani society to an alarming extent. But regardless of that too, the conditions in which over half of the total population live in are tougher and more painful than one would fathom. The temperature in Pakistan during winter drops below freezing point during the nights and the people have no proper warm clothes or blankets or quilts or anything of the sort to keep themselves warm during such times.

However, the conditions have worsened further this year due to all the events and occurrences over the past year, keeping which in consideration, we can truthfully say that the people of Pakistan are now in more need of your help than ever before!
Here is a rough glance at some of the turbulent events in Pakistan during this year;
The severe flooding in late August left hundreds of people homeless and on the brink of starvation and disease, Over 339,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout the country ever since the flooding, out of which, hundreds proved to be fatal cases.

Pakistan needs our support this season. Everyday life is a struggle for the poor but in winter, they begin a fight for their lives. Donate now and save lives of Pakistanis button here

Winter Supplies:
As winter has already begun in Pakistan, it has become the need of the hour for the people to be provided with warm, fresh clothing along with blankets or quilts; that may help protect them against fatal diseases and the increasing cold.
Quba Trust helps you provide the Pakistanis in most need of these things starting with as little as £20 for a warm blanket along with warm clothes such as sweaters. It will be made sure that the clothing and covers provided are of high quality that will last the Needy for quite a while.

As the human body not only needs external warmth from warm clothing and such but also food to eat, which protects and heals from the inside, it is also of great need for those in need in Pakistan, suffering. The Quba Trust £25 food parcels contain all essential food supplies such as oil, rice, wheat and sugar, which are adequate to last at least 1 month. The Quba Trust teams on ground make sure that the parcels receive those in the most need, as soon as you donate.

This year, Quba Trust are on the ground in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province as well, to help the vulnerable families living there from the chill of winter. This area of Pakistan often encounters heavy snowfall during the winter months and those who can afford to leave for the season do. But poor, disadvantaged families who barely make enough money to feed their children have no choice but to stay in their homes and pray they make it through the winter.
Due to heavy monsoon rainfall and flash flooding this August, many schools, roads, homes and other property were damaged in this area, and not everyone has been fortunate enough to properly rebuild. Without proper shelter or supplies, home is not home.

Impoverished families now find themselves exposed to the cold, with a higher risk of illness. COVID-19 is still prevalent in Pakistan; the people of Pakistan need your help.

Quba Trust have set out to help families who are at-risk this season by providing warm clothes, blankets, shelter assistance and other essential winter aid. Help us save lives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the rest of Pakistan this winter and ease the hardships of the poor.

Flood Relief for Pakistan

At least 134 people have lost their lives in deadly monsoon floods.

Heavy rain, flash floods claim lives, damage houses across the country; more inclement weather expected this week. 19 children and nine women are among those who lost their lives in different rain-related incidents in areas ranging from the north to the south of the country. Rain also damaged about 1000 homes and caused a breach in a flooded main canal, inundating villages in Sindh province.

The Quba Trust teams are currently on the ground ready to help the communities that will suffer the most from this disaster and are supporting them as and when they need it. Quba Trust is experienced and sufficiently equipped to respond to these emergencies. Our rapid response team, with the support of our local networks provide relief, medicines and food to those who are affected.

Tragically, at least 134 people have lost their lives to the rains and flash flooding, and thousands of families have been affected by this disaster. Quba Trust has been providing food packs, freshwater, and hot meals to those in need, but we can do much more with your help.
Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan need our support; please say you’ll be there for them. Donate now Send your support to Pakistan.

Many families who have been caught in this flooding have lost everything they own and with the threat of COVID-19 still on the rise in Pakistan, they urgently need our support to get back on their feet and begin rebuilding their lives. Right now, Quba Trust is providing people with nutritious food packs and clean water, and constructing permanent shelters in Karachi. Quba Trust and our partners on the ground are working tirelessly to ensure that help is on hand for the people of Pakistan, and with your support we can assure that their health and wellbeing are cared for throughout this crisis.