‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, “Adhere to Sham, for it is Allah’s best land, to which He selects His best servants to…”’ [Abu Dawud]

Over 30% of Palestinians suffer from severe food insecurity and in Gaza, the number jumps up to over 60%. Children in the region are bearing the brunt of the conflict, with as many as half of them dependent on humanitarian assistance and one in four in need of psychological support.
Decades of instability and the ongoing Israeli blockade have left families on the Gaza strip and the West Bank unable to enjoy the most basic of human rights such as access to food, water, and medical treatment.
Childhood in Gaza is a very real nightmare involving poisoned water, hunger, fear, and endless air attacks.

Quba Trust is working in Palestine, providing;
> Medical assistance to the children and adults
> Food to the deprived
> Healthcare/hygiene kits to the vulnerable
> Livelihood support to families across Gaza
> Sponsorship to vulnerable children
With the situation in Palestine deteriorating with each passing year, we need your continued support to provide urgent relief.

As well as providing emergency aid, we are committed to supporting Gazans over the long term by helping them to rebuild and regain a decent standard of life. Donate today and help us to ease their burden.

Food Parcel
> £25 Food Parcel 1 month
> £50 Food Parcel 2 months
The Quba Trust Palestine Food Parcels contain raw food materials such as Flour, Sugar, Rice and Water, etc sufficient for a family consisting of 4-5 people for a month’s time period approximately.

Hygiene/Healthcare Kit
the Quba Trust Iraq Hygiene Kit which costs £10 contains life-saving necessities such as Face Masks, hand gloves, and Dettol bottles, etc.

Child sponsorship
Children are suffering severely in Palestine. They are losing their lives every minute that we don’t do anything to help them. With only £300, sponsor a vulnerable child for a year and save a little yet as big as any other life today.

The people of Palestine are living on dark, unsafe, and life-threatening roads or in refugee camps in the worst conditions. Now is the time to take a step to help our brothers and sisters of the Ummah.
Through the Quba Trust Palestine Shelter Appeal, you can provide the safety and comfort of a home to several homeless Palestinians, beginning from as little as £100.