Plant a Tree Appeal – International Disaster Reduction Day

It seems like there are more and intensified natural disasters in recent years than before. Forest fires, floods, long droughts, and especially over cropping (caused by ignorance), has deforested large areas. Areas that were once fertile are destroyed and there is more and more degraded farmland.

The results of the natural disasters are deforested mountain slopes, sultry semi-deserts, rivers are drying up, wild mudflows after heavy rainfall, dead animals, and deserted villages. Long story short, land that was fertile and usable has become worthless. In the end, this will have an influence on climate change. As you can see in the pictures below, we have cut down many trees – especially in South America and Africa.
In 4 days, it’s International Disaster Reduction Day!
This year, play your part as a human in reducing the risk for a natural disaster to damage our planet by getting a tree planted where it is most needed through Quba Trust with only £15 per tree!