What is Fitrana and how to pay it 2018

What is Fitrana

Zakat ul fitr, commonly known as Fitrana, is a form of religious compulsory charity paid by Muslims at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Every Muslim is obliged, if they have the means to do so, to pay the Fitrana before Eid al-Fitr. Adults should pay for themselves as well as children or others in their care unable to make the payment themselves.

Fitrana is a way to give thanks to God for having enabled us the strength to observe the obligatory fast, and to ensure that all people around the world, poor and all, are able to engage in the celebration and revelry of Eid al-fitr.

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) ordained that Zakat ul Fitr is to purify the fasting person from indecent words or actions, and to provide food for the needy. It is accepted as Zakah for the person who gives it before the Eid prayer; but it is a mere sadaqah for the one who gives it after the prayer.


How much is Fitrana for 2018?

The required value of Fitrana was described by the Prophet Mohammad (saw) peace be upon him as one saa. One saa is equivalent to four ‘madd’, which is translated as the amount one can have hold when their hands are together.

In modern times, Fitrana is typically valued at the price of one meal to be received by a poor person before the Eid prayer.  With Quba Trust, this is priced at just £5 per person, the average price of a meal in the UK.

It is vital to pay your Fitrana before the date of Eid, to ensure that your donation is able to be distributed to the poor and the needy.

What is the difference between Zakat and Zakat ul-fitr?

The first difference between Zakat and Zakat ul Fitr is eligibility. All Muslims must pay Zakat ul Fitr regardless of their age or financial status (unless they honestly do not have the means to do so). The second difference lies in the amount due. The amount attributed to Zakat al Fitr is very small, and rarely exceeds £5. It is the same amount for all, regardless of financial situation. Zakat, however, can amount to a larger amount because it equivalates to 2.5% of all net savings, and varies from person to person. The third and final difference lies in their due dates. Zakat can be paid at any time, with the only condition being that the earnings reflect one year’s worth of net savings (one lunar year). Zakat ul Fitr, however, is paid during Ramadan before the month ends. It needs to be paid before the Eid prayers at the very latest. This is a very specific time frame that all Muslims must abide to. How will Penny Appeal use my Fitrana? Honouring historic traditions, donations received as Fitrana will be used to provide meals to the hungry. Working alongside experienced partners and major UK Muslim charities for distribution, we will ensure that 100% of your Fitrana goes towards providing meals for the neediest of people around the world who desperately need it the most. By giving Fitrana this year with Penny Appeal, you can ensure that someone in the world who would have gone hungry another night as we break fast at Eid al-fitr has a warm nutritious meal, to celebrate Eid as they should. You can pay your Fitrana online for the love of Allah (swt) at the Penny Appeal website at, or call us on 03000 11 11 11 now! Every donation made will go a long way to changing people’s lives!