Rabi al-Awwal is the third month of Islamic Lunar Calendar and comes after Safar. The month of Rabi al-Awwal of Islamic Lunar Calendar is well known in the entire Muslim world as the Month of Birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). The precise date of his birth is disputed among the historians, but Ayatullah Ruhullah Musawi al-Khomeini (RA), the founder of the Islamic revolution had declared the week between 12th and 17th Rabi al-Awwal as “Usboo al-Wahda” meaning “the week of unity amongst Muslims.” Muslims all over the world get together and celebrate Eid-E-Milad Nabi; the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) for the whole week.

Rabi al-Awwal is an exceptional month in the Islamic Calendar and it held great significance in the life of beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and His (ﷺ)’s migration from Mecca (Hijrah), the construction of the first-ever mosque, Masjid Quba, all happened in this month. Beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)  also held the first-ever public Friday Prayer in Quba mosque this month.

Rabi’ul-Awwal is the most significant month in Islamic history because humanity has been blessed in this month by the Birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Before the birth of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ), not only the Arabian Peninsula, but also the so-called civilized nations of Rome and Persia were drowned in the darkness of ignorance, superstitions, oppression, and unrest.
The Holy Prophet (ﷺ) came with the eternal truth of Tawhid (Oneness of Allah), the only faith which provides a firm basis for the real concepts of knowledge, equity, and peace. It was this faith that delivered humanity from ignorance and superstitions and spread the light of true knowledge all over the world. So the birth of the most Beloved (ﷺ) of Allah and the last to be sent with the divine message for the guidance and mercy for all humanity on a whole is, without doubt, a day to take as one of thanks and reverence to Allah (S.W.T.). This can be done in a lot of ways.

What we can do this Rabi ul-Awwal?
Recitation of Durood Pak (ﷺ) is the source of healing for the heart and soul, so it must be recited as much as possible, we can give alms, observing fast on the highlighted days of Rabi ul-Awwal can be a beautiful gesture of paying importance.
This year, donate water, food, clothes, and medicine to the Needy all over the world through the Quba Trust in this Holy Month and gain extra Reward from Allah (S.W.T), by helping others with what you have been blessed with and in this way, involve the Needy in the beautiful celebration of this Blessed Month too!
Quba Trust enables you to do so starting with as little as £1 for a proper nutritious meal and £120 for a Water Hand Pump that would constantly provide several people with clean drinking water in the most deprived areas of the world whereas with only £25, you can donate a food parcel which contains essential raw food material such as Flour, Rice, Milk and water along with much more than usually lasts at least a month and is sufficient for a family of 5-6 people during the days of this Holy Month.
Not only that, Quba Trust enables you to provide new clothes and medicines to the Needy in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, and Pakistan too!
Now is the time to donate.

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