As the crisis enters its tenth year, the people of Syria have been suffering the devastating consequences of war with seemingly no end in sight. A generation of children is growing up knowing nothing but war. Currently, approximately 11.7 million people across Syria are in need of humanitarian aid, with 6.5 million people also facing food insecurity.

Quba Trust Syria Appeal

Since the devastating conflict began, Quba Trust has delivered aid to a great extent inside Syria. In 2019 alone, Quba Trust successfully provided the Syrians with help in the following ways

  • 600+ food parcels/cartons were provided to the population of Aleppo, Syria
  • Those 600+ food parcels contained food and food supplies equal to 12,600 proper meals
  • Those 12,600 meals fed 4200 starving and struggling Syrians for months.

But since the conflict in Syria is ongoing and doesn’t seem to be coming to an end, Syria is still in need of our help. Therefore, Quba Trust aims to continue to strive in order to help our Syrian brothers and sisters.
Our teams on the ground provide life-saving assistance through:

Water, sanitation, and hygiene
Beginning from as little as £125, the Quba Trust water products such as the Quba Trust Water Hand Pumps can provide clean water to the suffering Syrians, not only to drink but also to cleanse and protect themselves against life-threatening viruses. Apart from that, water is a basic necessity of life hence it is needed in most spheres of life.
Your Water Donations to Syria will truly make the lives of the struggling Syrians easier.

Sadly, hunger is not the only major issue or the cause behind the deaths of innumerable Syrians. The ongoing Syrian Civil War is one of the biggest crises in the world, with at least 80% of the country’s population affected. Syria is now one of the countries most heavily contaminated with explosive remnants of war and mines in the world. This means that innumerable people are injured and deprived of adequate or any medical assistance. On top of all that, the coronavirus pandemic has made survival for them even more difficult than before in the past few months. Therefore, our Syrian brothers and sisters are in dire need of our help in this sphere as well.
May it is in the form of Medicine or Emergency Mobile Hospital, your donations to the Quba Trust Syria Health Appeal can directly help save lives. Donation rates starting from as little as £25. Every minute and every donation counts.

Due to the tragic ongoing conflict in Syria, more than 6.1 million Syrians are deprived of shelter/roof to live under. Most of them have been made to flee from their homes in order to seek refuge. The people are living on dark, unsafe, and life-threatening roads in the worst conditions. Now is the time to take a step to help our brothers and sisters of the Ummah.
Through the Quba Trust Syria Shelter Appeal, you can provide the safety and comfort of a home to several homeless Syrians, beginning from as little as £100

Orphan sponsorship
Due to the countless deaths occurring every day in Syria, several innocent children are being orphaned by the minute. They do not have shelter or food and are on the brink of death. Your donations can provide not only shelter but food to them for time periods as long as months too. Donate now to save the Syrian children with as little as £25 per one food parcel which will contain food in raw form such as rice, sugar and milk etc, which will last for months and keep such children’s stomachs fed.

Ramadan & Qurbani programmes
So far, ever since 2016, meaning; for the past 4 years, Quba Trust has been supporting Syria in different ways and forms, ever since then, our teams have successfully delivered 100+ food parcels, separately on the occasions such as Ramadan Kareem and Eids. Whereas gift parcels have also been distributed on Eids, especially among the Syrian children through our Gift a Smile Campaign and much more. The Quba Trust aims to continue providing its hearty services in the lands of Syria in order to try and lessen the suffering of our Syrian brothers and sisters. You can help us, with as little as £25 per food parcel or for £10 for an Eid gift and much more.

Over the years we have been able to save millions of lives, but as the conflict rages on, we still urgently need your support – Please donate to our Syria Appeal and help save lives.