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Mohammed Usman, London

Quba Trust is the go-to charity for Water Projects.  My Hand Pumps were completed within four weeks of donation and the Community Water wells were completed within three months of donation. Many other charities can take up to 8 months for completion of Water Hand Pumps and up to a year for Community Water Wells. It seems that Quba Trust already have a list of vetted beneficiaries and soon as they receive the donation, their field teams are promptly able to carry out the projects rather than spending months looking for people to donate to. The water project completion feedback mechanism is very detailed. When the project is completed, you receive a link via email to access the box file. The box file has dozens of pictures which show the project right from the start (empty land) to completion (fullly functioning Water Wells/Water Pump with flowing water). You are also able to watch HD videos of your completed project. This type of feedback is highly cost effective as it does not rely on printed report and postage costs. Keep up the excellent work”.

Mohammed Usman

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