A staggering 780 million people around the world lack access to clean water. Clean water charity is so important to us as Muslims; the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) once said, “The best charity is giving water to drink.” (Ahmad)
Give clean water – transform lives for good!

People lack access to clean water for a number of reasons; from drought to oppression, to a lack of infrastructure. If we’re going to break the poverty cycle, we need smart, sustainable solutions. Because of this, we tailor our Thirst Relief programs so that we have the most suitable, sustainable solution to each individual issue.
Our Thirst appeal offers a range of wells and other sustainable water solutions that you can donate towards to help poor communities throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. You can make a BIG difference from as little as £25 a month; donate to one of our many Thirst Relief programmes today to give the gift of fresh, clean water to those in need.

Reliable access to safe, clean water means that drinking, cooking, washing, and making wudu no longer pose a risk of illness.
It also means that women and children don’t have to walk for miles to collect – often dirty – water. The average distance that women and children walk to collect water in Africa and Asia is 3.7 miles, carrying around 20 liters of water.
Now – just think of what your water charity can do. Your water charity, which you give by donating a handpump, can help people stay healthy, grow their own food, have time for children to go to school, or for women to start their own businesses.