Since the establishment of Quba Trust, we have focused on the welfare and protection of human rights; especially Women’s Welfare and Rights. This is why most of our initial projects have been based on the welfare of women, as we are of the belief that women and girls can change lives – for them, for their families, and even for their countries as a whole, and it is through them, in fact, that Nations exist and thrive. Keeping that in consideration and in heart, Quba Trust launched projects such as the Haripur Girls School and many others. Our Women’s Welfare programmes have aided in breaking the poverty cycle for many women across the globe, and have played an important part in putting an end to discrimination, eliminating harmful practices and promoting women’s equality rights.

We have a commitment to keep striving towards women’s empowerment, both internationally and here in the UK as well. Women around the world face a daily struggle for equality, with hurdles such as poverty, disaster and displacement, lack of education, and gender-based violence as well as other sorts of violence.

Help create sustainable change today

Your donation will help the following projects:

Girls in our Education Project; Haripur School

The Quba Trust Islamic Education Centre, Haripur Hazara is one of our Education projects through which we, at Quba Trust, aim to educate and shape young minds of the girls living in Haripur and are deprived of the right to education, up till higher education level. The Quba Trust Islamic Education Centre’s building has been constructed and signboards have been set up, the local people have been keenly anticipating the execution of the Hazara Education Centre Education Project.
Your donations could help such deprived girls attain education and live independent lives.

Several Years of Women’s Welfare

In the last 6 Amazing Years of Quba Trust, you’ve helped us bring women’s equality and women’s empowerment to women in developing countries and right here at home in the UK. Your donations have helped us champion women’s welfare across the globe. Thank you for all your life-altering donations over the years – let’s help even more women and girls to thrive in the next 10 years!