Yemen has been facing the worst of challenges over the past several years, almost a decade; and it only seems to be getting worse for our Yemeni brothers and sisters.
Before the Coronavirus pandemic took place, hundreds of lives in Yemen were being lost on a daily basis due to Cholera and several other diseases. However, Covid-19 has worsened the conditions for them to a huge extent. And on top of all that; the Winter season in Yemen has not only brought along the extreme cold in Yemen this year around but also the reason for colds and flues to spread rapidly; even the Coronavirus itself. In such conditions, it is a deeply saddening reality that our Yemeni brothers and sisters don’t even have proper (or any) warm covers, blankets or even clothing to protect themselves against the cold, and they are not only starving out on the roads homelessly, but they are also very cold.

Needless to say, it is our responsibility to try to help them, in any and every way possible so that precious lives may not be lost.
Due to this, Quba Trust has initiated the Yemen Winter appeal; which is a lovely chance for us to show love, warmth, and concern for our suffering and vulnerable brothers and sisters living in Yemen, Alhumdulillah.
Starting with as little as £20, you could become the reason a suffering Yemeni feels the warmth of a sweater or blanket while he or she is out in the cold, as a £20 donation to the Quba Trust Yemen Winter appeal provides the Needy in Yemen with warm and durable clothing and a blanket, individually.

Along with a £20 Quba Trust Winter clothing pack, feel free to add in a £25 Quba Trust food parcel that would supply the same individual’s family (of 5-6) with food supplies that last a whole month as an extra gift to spread smiles along with warmth this winter too!
Quba Trust team awaits your generous donations so that it may get into action as soon as you donate, and be able to directly help a suffering brother or sister in Yemen.
We thank you in advance!

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