The people of Yemen are battling against drought, famine, and disease. 80% of the population of Yemen is dependent on handouts for survival. First, with Cholera and now, with the Coronavirus pandemic, they have no hope for survival left. They are starving. Which is putting them on the brink of death. But this is not something refractory. It can be changed. And you can be the reason behind this change. With as little as £50, you can help provide enough food to last a month to these Yemeni families. Some of the donations you can make to then people in Yemen through the Quba Trust are;

Food Ration Boxes (food parcels)

Hygiene Kits

Food Parcels

The Quba Trust enables you to provide the starving Needy population of Yemen with food sufficient for families consisting of approximately 4-5 individuals that last for half a month’s time period at least. The Quba Trust Yemen Food Parcels worth £25 only contain

25kg Flour

5kg Sugar

5kg Rice

0.9L Cooking Oil

12 Cans Beans

450g Instant Formula Milk.

Hygiene Kits

The people in Yemen do not have access to clean water and they can’t afford antibacterial soaps etc to keep themselves protected from the Corona Virus or other viruses and the living conditions are so dangerous and life-threatening that most of the streets are flooded with sewage water, which is why the Quba Trust Hygiene Kit is essential for the protection and survival of such Yemenis against such viruses. With only £15, you can save such vulnerable lives. The Hygiene Kit contains essentials such as


Face Masks

Sterilizing Spray

Dettol Bottle

Handwash Soap

Guidance Leaflet etc.

Support our Yemen Emergency Appeal today
We need your support to help us continue providing essential life-saving aid. Families have no food or medicine, which simply means that if we stop, people will die.
So far, your donations have allowed us to support countless families. Thank you.
But a whole generation is still at risk. No more Yemenis need to die. We need to act now and save lives. We can play our part in doing so by contributing to the following spheres.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) hygiene kit – £15
Help us stop the spread of coronavirus (covid-19) through our essential hygiene kits for the people of Yemen.
Cholera medical kit – £30
Cholera is rife, but we can save lives with your support.
Malnutrition nutrition kit – £20
Millions are now malnourished, but our essential supplies can restore Yemenis to health.
Food parcel – £40
Many Yemenis go days without food. Please, donate a food parcel to a hungry family today.
COVID-19 Patient Care – £80
To look after the covid-19 patient to cover his stay at Hospital, ventilation, medications, and tests

The Prophet (SAW) said – “The people of Yemen have the most delicate hearts, softest minds, and are the most readily obedient.” – (Ahmad)